What is Organizational Barrier? Some of the Important Elements

Organizational Barrier

If there are hindrances in the flow of information among the employees within an organization, we call them organizational barriers. These barriers can become a cause of the commercial failure of an organization. Therefore, organizations should develop an effective communication system among the employees. An effective communication system will allow the employees to work effectively to enhance the productivity of the organization. The potential for organizational barriers exists all the time. Therefore, organizations should take immediate actions and try to make quick decisions. Here, we will discuss the most important elements of organizational barriers.

Organizational Policies and Rules

Some organizations have designed rules for the medium and mode of communication. Moreover, cheap dissertation writing service these organizations allow people to send selected messages. The employees have to follow these stringent rules. Due to these rules, the employees don’t try to send messages to the organizations. Similarly, the employees have to follow the organizational policies. These policies also define the mode of communication with other employees and the management team. For example, if an organization develops a policy to communicate all the messages in the written form, employees have to follow it. They have to send even small messages in the written form. In most cases, this thing can become a cause of delay in the messages. As a result, the decision-making process also becomes delayed. If an organization wants to overcome this organizational barrier, it has to think about it.

Hierarchical Positions in the Organization

Organizational Barrier 1The organizations divide the employees into two categories. First, the employees who are working in the upper positions are the superiors. Secondly, the employees who are working in the lower positions are the subordinates. If subordinates want to communicate with superiors, they have to adopt a formal communication system. When they adopt this formal communication system, they face barriers to effective communication. The subordinates always face fear in their minds while sending messages to the superiors. This fear is due to the sending of wrong or faulty messages to subordinates. To overcome this organizational barrier, organizations should allow the subordinates to communicate informally with their superiors. Due to this effective communication system, organizations will never face the problem of communication gaps.

Organizational Facilities

The organizations have to provide different facilities to the employees. The organizations provide these facilities to facilitate communication and other things to the employees. For example, if an organization wants to facilitate communication within the organization, it has to provide telephone, stationery and translator facilities to the employees. These facilities allow the employees to communicate timely and accurately. The employees can also use these facilities according to their needs and requirements. If an organization doesn’t provide these facilities, the organization has to face adverse impacts. Due to the absence of communication facilities, the employees can’t communicate effectively. If an organization is not providing proper transportation facilities, employees can’t reach it at time. The organizations should think about these facilities. By providing these facilities, the organizations can easily overcome these organizational barriers.

Complex Organizational Structure

No doubt, some organizations have created a straightforward structure for the employees. The employees know whom they have to communicate. As a result, they can discuss their problems with the right people. Moreover, this person must resolve these problems. In some cases, the employees have to deliver the messages. They can easily deliver the messages to the right people. After receiving these messages, they take immediate action. Anyhow, the organizational barrier occurs when an organization has several management levels. Employees don’t know the right person to discuss their problems and to deliver the messages. As a result, it will take lots of time to deliver the message to the right person. As a result, the organization may have to face some delay problems. In some cases, this message may be changed before reaching the right person.


Organizational Barrier 2

This kind of organizational barrier is very harmful to the productivity of an organization. No doubt, a manager is the most respectful person within an organization. He is responsible for productivity, discipline and other matters within an organization. Now, the problem is that some managers start to create a status of superiority within the organization. Due to this status of superiority, he doesn’t allow other employees to express their feelings. This thing will create a communication gap between managers and other employees. As a result, the employees can’t get a clear picture of different operations within the organization. In the end, the organization has to face productivity issues. To overcome this problem, the organizations should ask the managers to create a friendly relation with other employees.

Negative Organizational Climate

The top management team of an organization can create this organizational barrier. This team will create a negative organizational climate. Due to this environment, the employees don’t try to communicate with the top management team. Its reason is that when they give suggestions, they discourage them. The filtering can also create a negative organizational climate. It is due to the distortion of information. The organizations may have to face this problem due to upward communication. As a result, the employees will pass only those messages that will create a positive impression. They will never try to pass the messages that will create a negative impression. When upper team management can’t get the right messages, they can’t make the right decisions. These things can also create productivity problems within an organization.


The communication barriers that employees face within an organization are organizational barriers. The coursework help company says about these barriers can create some hindrances in the flow of information. If these barriers exist for a long time, they can lead to the commercial failure of an organization. There are lots of elements of organizational barriers. The employees may have to face this problem due to the negative organizational climate. It is due to the negative attitude of the top management team. The absence of a communication policy can also create these problems. Some organizations may have to face these problems due to the excessive authority layers. When employees start to imply filtering in the willful distortion of information, they can also create these barriers.